ASC and Joint Venture Start Ups

Interested in developing a new ambulatory surgery center (ASC) or a joint venture ASC? Partner with Gordon Scott Consulting Management and see your vision come to life.

GSC’s ASC start-up development services include complete development and implementation of the processes for ASC state license, certification and accreditation. We understand every ASC start up is unique and we look forward to working closely with you and your staff to provide a custom-tailored plan that fits the specific objectives of your practice and your facility.

GSC will partner with you in developing an operational facility that will pass state licensure, Medicare certification and third-party accreditation. We make sure that your staff and your governing board understand their responsibilities to ensure ongoing efficiency, safety and compliance. You retain full ownership of your own facility.

From beginning through survey, we prepare, guide, process and implement, review, revise and provide personal guidance and facilitation throughout the entire ASC development process. When you partner with GSC to develop your ASC, we provide a multitude of services, including:

  • Ensuring compliance over the course of the project and training on policies, procedures and systems for compliance.
  • State and federal files and applications preparation
  • Survey preparation with itemized checklists
  • Provide governance and medical staff bylaws guidance
  • Provide medical staff rules and regulations guidance
  • Governing board and committee training
  • Develop policy and procedure manuals for all federally mandates and state specific regulations
  • Provide detailed job descriptions
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers are a fast-growing health care component and make financial sense for providers and patients

*ASC facts

170+ new ASCs are opening each year.

60% of hospitals have an ASC within walking distance.

Most physicians who staff ASCs are former hospital employees seeking equity in the service they provide – especially those who provide services with specialties that have a greater access to reimbursement now versus prior years.

The “hospital experience” is becoming a less desirable option for patients who have a choice.