HR Solutions

Gordon Scott Consulting Workforce solutions provide comprehensive workforce management, recruitment, and technology serving startups to established organizations. Our strategies help organizations plan and position for maximum performance. Our HR solutions design include organizational strategies – workforce planning, organization design and classification, surveys, and program evaluation, as well as, strategies geared toward individual employees – succession planning, hiring and promotion, and performance management.

Investigations of Alleged Harassment and/or Discrimination

Whenever an employee alleges harassment or discrimination, it is the employer’s responsibility to fully investigate any such complaint. As a third party, we conduct fair and impartial investigations; our turnaround time is swift but thorough. We work hand in hand with our client’s human resources departments and employment attorneys when needed. Final investigation reports are provided back to our clients with background information, summary of interviews, findings and recommendations.

Employee Opinion Surveys

Having a pulse on your employee morale is paramount for good employee relations and for a healthy and productive working environment. Our Employee Opinion Surveys are customized to your particular needs or issues.

Focus Group Sessions

Employees often tend to relay their feelings to a third party more so than to your management team. Our role here is one of a mediator. We listen and mediate issues, allowing your employees to craft solutions to real or perceived problems.

Incentive Programs

Keeping employee morale high isn’t always easy, especially in difficult economic times. Ensuring employee satisfaction and good employee morale typically ensures low turnover, thus saving employers dollars. Incentive Programs are an excellent way to retain those great employees. It is also important to be ahead of the game with your competitors. Do they offer incentive plans? If so, what are they? We can assist you in determining the best incentive programs for your employees and for your Company.

Employee Recognition

Do you have an “Employee of the Month” or a “Manager of the Quarter” How to you display that recognition to the staff and/or to your customers? There is no better way than to place a professional portrait of your super stars!

“Gift Program” – Employee Incentives

GSC is able to provide you with a simple, cost-effective solution to show appreciation and help build strong, lasting relationship with employees, customers and business associates.

To put it simply, through its Employee Relations Gift Program, GSC helps owners and HR managers to give thoughtful gifts, which delight their recipients and create lasting memories. GSC has found that rewards, recognition and incentives are quite possibly the best ways to help businesses keep employees motivated, inspire the “right” performance, increase sales, and grow/retain their customer base. It is an investment that has potential to give back to your company’s bottom line.

Here are some other business gifts and incentive uses:

  • Years of Service Awards
  • Perfect Attendance Awards
  • Sales and Productivity Incentives
  • Safety Awards
  • Loyal Customer Rewards
  • New Customer Incentives
  • Holiday Appreciation Gifts for Employees and Customers

GSC’s Gift Program leverages all thebenefits of a “gift card”, but also includes making the experience more personal. The amount spent is not known, there is no additional cost and more imporantly, it gives over four times vs. being used once and then forgotten.

Labor Management and Compliance

Our nation’s complex regulatory systems provide a virtual gold mine for meritless lawsuits, which is why we assist companies in maintaining issue free workplace environments. We provide sound recommendations to ensure companies are in compliance with all State and Federal laws and that their liability is minimal.

HR Assessments – Due Diligence

The need for HR compliance audits increases year over year, as our government adds more and more laws and regulations governing the employment relationship. A human resources audit is intended to uncover those company management practices and policies that risk breaking those laws.

Over the years, companies have added policies ad hoc, which over time may conflict with older policies, or with newer employment laws and regulations. Depending on the size of your employee population, an HR Audit can take anywhere from one to five days. The audit touches upon all of your HR practices, wage and hour accuracy and includes a random I-9 audit of your active employee documents. The employee handbook is reviewed to ensure your policies are up to date as required by law.

Most lawsuits can be traced to four distinct stages of the employment relationship: hiring practices, termination, employee discipline and harassment. An HR audit would target these areas. Employers are provided with a full HR Audit report, including findings and recommendations.

Policies & Procedures

It is a good practice for businesses to establish sound policies and procedures, and that there is clear and concise communication to the staff. According to the law, and under certain conditions, policies may be either required or recommended. GSC will help you establish those policies.

Employee Handbooks

Having an employment attorney write or review your employee handbook can get quite costly. We can provide you with updated employee handbooks including your company policies, prior to it being reviewed by legal. The employee handbook should always include a harassment policy, an employment at will clause as well as a confidentiality agreement, amongst other policies.

Position Descriptions

Position descriptions must be written in a fashion to comply with State and Federal laws, and with the appropriate language, designated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Make sure your position descriptions are current, up to date with the most recent laws, and preferably signed by each of your employees.

Hiring and Termination Practices

Companies face high liabilities if their hiring and termination practices are not fair, consistent and within the guidelines of their State laws. Minimize your liability by ensuring that these practices are done correctly. GSC can help you do that.

The I-9 Form and the Legal Right to Work in the U.S. Compliance

Gathering a new hire’s required paperwork for the completion of the I-9 form is not the only thing that is required by law. The administration of the I-9’s and the manner in which the form is completed also holds its own liability. Incomplete or incorrect forms may impose heavy fines on the employer if audited by Homeland Security.

Labor Law Compliance

Continuous labor law changes are confusing; FMLA, COBRA, Wage and Hour, etc. GSC an help you remain up to date on everything that matters and help you limit your liability.

HIPAA Training

Certifications and Training

We now provide ACLS, BLS, and PALS training with certification.